Game 7 against LeBron James in Boston

If I’m Brad Stevens, here’s what I’m telling the young Celtics before Game 7:

You will never face another LeBron James; you will never have a chance to beat him on this stage again. Either he writes the latest chapter of his legacy, the time he dragged a nobody-believes-in-them team to his eighth straight Finals, or you write the first chapter of yours, the time a nobody-believes-in-them team ended his run at seven. Paul Pierce will tell his grandkids about the time he went toe-to-toe with LeBron and beat him in a Game 7. You do that at 20 or 21 years old? That’s the first line of your Hall of Fame speech, the story every Celtics fan will tell his grandkids. You will play this game in your head a million times in your life, but you only have one chance to win it.

Game 7 is going to be so fun. See you there.

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